Best Console System Ever

Here’s a quick review of the Xbox One, the premiere Microsoft gaming console system at this time.

Before I get into what I think about it, I just want to note why you’re reading this on 7th Season. The reason is simple: this is a seasonal gear review site that covers everything from clothing to kayaks and while it might not seem like video games fall into a category on our site, they absolutely do. If you live in a part of the world like I do where you have a white Christmas, snow covered peaks, frozen lakes, and all that fun stuff – you may have realized by now that the winters can be long. With the sun setting early and the cold drawing tears from your eyes, there are definitely days when you want to lay around the house by the fireplace with a mug of hot apple cider and your dog by your feet and it’s on those days that you’ll wish you had some entertainment. For me, one of those sources of entertainment is the Xbox One, which some refer to as the “One Box.” And with that, let me tell you what I think about this amazing contraption (spoiler: I love it).

The graphics on the new Xbox are obviously better than the Xbox 360, its predecessor, but they hardly compare to top of the line gaming computers. Still, for what they are, they’re awesome. If you’ve ever wanted to play a video game by yourself or with friends, be it locally or online, the Xbox One has got you covered. And because it’s not a PC, you don’t have to deal with any of that computer nonsense. It’s a user-friendly system designed to help you have fun and if you ask me, it does it all with style and grace.

If you’re fairly lazy, you can even talk to your Xbox. That’s right, this beast of a contraption has voice activated commands, which for some things, are basically necessary – like recording videos and snapping in-game pictures to share with your friends. Surprisingly, it works better than the voice activation on my phone. But enough of that cause what really matters is just how fun it is and I can assure you, it is fun – you just have to find a game or two that you can get down with as not all games for everyone.

For me, one of my favorite games at the moment is Battlefield 1, which came out not all that long ago. I played it during the public beta and wasn’t all that impressed but now it seems to have undergone some serious improvements and perhaps most important of all: now quite a few of my friends have it so we can all get together online and shoot and some stuff. Fun? Very.

That’s one of the best parts of the Xbox One experience – playing online with your friends. Without it, the system simply wouldn’t be what it is. When it’s late and there’s not much else to do, I like to get together with some buddies on Xbox Live and hit the battlefield with a squad. Playing alone can be fun too, but if you ask me, where it’s really at is playing with your buddies – coordinating attacks and all that while chatting up a storm. If someone’s not laughing, it’s either a super intense moment in the game or you’re just not doing it right. Getting to together with some funny folks and having a good time is, in my opinion, a great way to spend a winter night here and there.

And when holding a controller and smashing buttons doesn’t sound all that appealing, it’s nice to be able to pull up Netflix or download a movie through Xbox Live, which gives you access to a huge range of movies, series, and more. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for all of your digital entertainment needs.

All things considered, the 1-Box is awesome. Endless entertainment at a bargain. If you want to get one, I suggest you buy one from this online store. Enjoy!