Best Stanley Thermos

This tall container for hot drinks or even soups is one of the best I’ve encountered. It’s simple, durable, and inexpensive. You can check the price online here. But best of all, it keeps whatever you put in it warm for hours.

While most of thermoses basically work the same, what really sets this one apart from the crowd is its convenient handle and built-in cup. Keep in mind, the handle isn’t available on all of them, just the ones that are 1-liter (35 oz) and above. The reason why I like this is because I live in a cold climate where in the winter, it’s easily below freezing at times. And when it’s that cold, I tend to wear gloves, which don’t always work out so well when it comes to holding things. I really don’t like the idea of holding a hot drink and having it slip out of my hands and spill hot fluid all over me and that’s why the handle is a nice addition – it helps ensure that the thermos will stay right where I want it: in my hand.

As for the built-in cup, you might not realize it but this nice little Stanley thermos has a lid that actually doubles as a cup. So if you forget to bring a cup with you or if you didn’t pack one to save space, you’re in luck because the cup is literally built directly into the thermos. Just take off the lid and you have a cup.

Now if you didn’t already realize it, this thermos also works well with cold fluids. If you have, for example, some iced tea inside of it, it’ll keep it cool for a lot longer than you might expect. The different sizes it comes in keep drinks cooler and hotter for different amounts of time. The 32 oz size keeps drinks hot basically all day and the smaller sizes, a little less time. Whereas the bigger sizes actually retain their heat and keep drinks cooler for even longer.

One particularly appealing aspect of its design for people like myself who enjoy the great outdoors is its durable design. This thing is tough and more than capable of taking a substantial beating. So if you drop it, you probably don’t need to worry because it should be just fine – disregarding some dings and scratches anyways.

So if you need a tough thermos that does what you want–keeps cool drinks cold and warm drinks hot–and is priced reasonably, I highly suggest getting one of these classic vacuum bottle thermoses made by Stanley. Straight forward design that gets the job done. If you want it, you can buy it here.

If you’re looking for something a bit more fancy, like one that attaches to your backpack and allows you to take sips with the press of a button, I suggest taking a look at my favorite CamelBak travel mug because it does all that and then some.