PackIt Salad Bag Review

Like PackIt’s freezable lunch bag, this salad bag is made to be inserted into a freezer, frozen, and then used. The contents of it are secured behind a zipper and the whole thing can be attached to a backpack thanks to its buckled strap.

This is food-safe construction. You won’t find any PVC, lead, BPA, phthalate, or formaldehyde in it. It’s completely clean in that regard. Given that it’s made to keep a salad nice and cool, you’d probably expect all that but in this weird world we live in, you can’t be too sure so you have to check. Fortunately, this freezable salad bag, like all PackIt products, is free of any of these contaminants. So if you’ve got some fresh veggies that you’d like to keep fresh while you’re hiking, working, learning, or whatever, then this awesome little salad bag is what you want.

It’s easy to use too and for me, fun to prepare. First I go ahead and create a salad. What I like to do is start with some lettuce, mix in some greens, chop up some onion and tomato. Insert that and then crack some walnuts, break them up a bit, and sprinkle them on top. Then I’ll add some sunflower seeds and call it done. At times, when I’m looking for the extra protein, I’ll add chunks of chicken or steak and possibly some bits of fresh cooked bacon. Then I always put whatever salad dressing I plan on using in a small container and drop that in there with it. I don’t put it on first because it tends to make the entire salad seem soggy by the time I get to it and that really defeats the purpose of this freezable bag and all this prep work. But when you do it all right, freeze the bag properly, insert the salad, and then put the sauce on the side, it all comes together marvelously when it’s time to eat.

If you want your own PackIt salad bag to pop in your freezer and keep your salad nice and cool, you can buy one online from this store.