Traction Mule Review

Alright, so these are some interesting slippers that I’ve now purchased two pairs of after my dog got a hold of the first. And while I love these slippers, I have to note that I did something really stupid while wearing them: I went for a run. Why did I choose to wear slippers and go for a run? I don’t know exactly, perhaps my head just wasn’t in the game. But here’s the problem, while I was running, I hurt my toe. It wasn’t the first time I had spontaneously run in them, but it was an important time because I hurt myself good enough that I had to lay off my foot for a while. Now that I’ve said that, I just want to say that if you’re not silly enough to go for a run while wearing them: they are amazing. They have enough traction that I’ll wear them outside while I walk around in the winter – nothing serious, but a short walk to the post office or something along those lines. I don’t wear them running anymore for obvious reasons, but as far as a nice pair of slippers that you actually can go outside in, they’re great.

Comfort wise, well, I’m impressed. I have quite a few pairs of slippers and these really take the cake in terms of offering that crossover combination of comfort and function. Having a real rubber sole makes a huge difference because it elevates these to the status of a shoe in the sense that you can actually wear them outside.

Now as far as warmth goes, they’re crazy warm. I can’t even wear them that long inside the house because they’re too hot. But when I’m outside in the snow, they’re nice so long as the snow isn’t deep.

Would I buy them again? Absolutely. I will keep a pair of these as long as North Face is making them. Moonboot-esque slippers with real tread, how could you go wrong? Well, running in them I guess – that’s how you could go wrong. But other than that, these things are golden. If you want a pair, I suggest you buy them from this online store.

If you’re wondering which ones I bought, I went with the black and green camouflage ones that North Face refers to as “Tree Bark Camo Print/TNF Black.”