The Best Running Gloves

If you’ve ever wanted a pair of running gloves that not only kept your fingers warm, but allowed you to use your phone’s touchscreen at the same time, look no further – North Face’s Runners 2 Etip Gloves are what you’re looking for.

Before I get into what’s good, I’ll start with what’s bad. The bad part about these gloves is that they’re not the warmest gloves you’ll find. But this is only bad if you plan on using them in extremely cold weather. For the middle of a snow-covered winter, they’re probably not ideal, but in just about any other weather in which your hands require a bit of protection, they’re fantastic.

That’s not to say that they don’t hold up in the extreme cold, just that you’d likely be better off with a pair offering extra protection from the elements because these are fairly thin as far as gloves go. But they’re not so thin that you can’t wear them out in the cold. In fact, earlier today, I ventured out into the forest while it was lightly snowing and took a little run up to the pond while wearing them and it wasn’t long into the trek that I decided to take them off because my hands were getting a little too warm and I wanted to give a chance to cool off. Once I reached the pond, after lingering for a short while, I decided to throw them back on as standing still by the pond as the wind whipped off its surface was enough to make my hands realize that it was time to once again snuggle in the warmth of these snug-fitting gloves.

So at this point, I’ve told you that they’re not the warmest, but they will hold up in higher freezing temperatures like I experienced earlier today. I wouldn’t wear them when it gets really cold, but if you’re extremely active, you might be fine even then. Personally, when there’s some serious snow on the ground, I throw on a pair of waterproof snowboarding gloves with some serious insulation like North Face’s Vengeance Gloves.

Now as far as grip goes, I don’t tend to hold much in my hands while I run other than my dog’s leash so I’m not going to comment too deep into just how much grip they offer, but I will say that I’ve never had an issue with a lack of traction when holding something. I’m comfortable holding a drink while wearing them knowing that it won’t slip out of my hands and I would likely drive in them if wearing gloves while driving was something I cared to do. So with that in mind, they offer plenty of grip for anything I’ve ever found myself doing them. But you might want to watch out as the part that offers the most traction tends to be the first to show signs of wear, or at least this was the case with mine. But only after some pretty serious usage and some crazy situations while running with my dog have they started to show any noticeable signs of wear, which really comes as no surprise given the amount of activity I’ve done in them. So as far as durability goes, I’d say they’re pretty darn durable for what they entail, which is a nice set of fairly lightweight running gloves that let you use your touchscreen devices while you wear them.

Would I buy them again? Absolutely. As soon as mine are on their way out, I’ll likely order a replacement pair because they are undoubtedly one of the handiest pairs of gloves I’ve ever have. One of the reasons why I say this is because of how easy they are to carry in a pocket. These aren’t the type of gloves that take up a lot of space – they’re really the opposite. They slide nicely into just about any pocket so you always have them with you or in my case, they’re always in your primary cold weather jacket’s pocket, easily accessible whenever it’s a bit colder out than expected. If you want to pick a pair up for yourself, something I highly suggest you do, you can buy them online from this store.

For reference, I actually bought these gloves one size smaller than I normally wear because I like to have a nice snug fit when I’m out running.