Best North Face Rain Jacket

I have owned this jacket for a while now and after using it more times than I can count, I’d like to share my thoughts on it in the form of this review. Let’s begin.

If you’re looking for a warm jacket, this is not it. It might be waterproof, but as far as keeping you warm is concerned, you’d better think twice if you expect this little outer layer to keep you nice and cozy. But that’s not what it’s intended for so there’s no worries there. What it is intended for is to be used as an outer shell to protect you against the elements, particularly rain. If you’re like me and you tend to go outdoors almost every day of the week, this jacket will come in as a clutch for you as it has for me.

Where it really shines, in my book, is on those warmer days when the rain is coming down and you can’t help but strap your boots on and venture out into the elements. On those days, throwing on something light like this over a t-shirt does the trick. When it’s a bit colder, but not quite full blown winter, it comes in handy when paired with something like a pullover or sweatshirt underneath as the combination helps keep you warm and dry.

When you really get moving, be it running or whatever it is you’re into, you quickly find yourself getting hot, which can be nothing short of uncomfortable at times. Fortunately, this particular jacket has zippered vents underneath the arms which allow you to quickly cool off without exposing yourself too much to the elements – a nice little trick for those warmer days when it’s raining lightly.

If you’re wondering just how waterproof it is, the answer is very. I once had the audacious idea to take a couple of kayaks out on the lake with my friend while a storm was rolling in. Needless to say, that storm hit and when it did, it was insane. We were getting rocked every which way. Water was pouring into our kayaks. We were, at times, almost concerned with our own safety, but yet we prevailed. When all was said and done, I was completely soaked from the bottom down. But my top, as I was wearing this particular jacket, remained completely dry. I’m talking a night and day difference between how wet my bottom was and how dry my top was. This jacket made all the difference. Were it not for this jacket, I probably would have been shivering alongside my friend – a friend who did not wear this jacket. In fact, I think all he had on at the time was a t-shirt and shorts, all of which was soaking wet by the time we finished. What an adventure – an adventure that would have been a whole lot less fun for me had I not opted to wear this awesome waterproof North Face jacket.

Want one of your own? I suggest you buy one from this store and be sure to come back here to 7th Season to leave your own review in the comments section below once you’ve had a chance to try it for yourself.