Thermoball Jacket Review

The Thermoball jackets by North Face come in quite a few variations these days, but my particular favorite is the “Full Zip” style. When I want something with a hood or a tough outer shell, I’ll go with something else, but when I’m just running errands around town or taking a walk with my dog – it’s the Thermoball Full Zip all the way.

What I particularly like about it is how light and comfortable it is. It’s almost unreal. I’ve said this before about North Face’s Thermoballs, but they feel like you’re wearing a cloud – it’s insane. And then there’s the interesting fact that when they get wet, they actually get warmer. Could a winter jacket get much more innovative than that? I mean, come on. You go out, unexpectedly get wet, and you’re suddenly thinking, “Wow, I’m actually warmer now!” Unreal, but yet here it is, the Thermoball Full Zip, and it works just like that.

Price wise, it’s not the cheapest jacket I own but it’s far from the most expensive. Personally, I am more than happy with every dollar I spent on this jacket because it’s just that comfortable and warm. I don’t always want a big bulky jacket on when I’m going out so I tend to wear it fairly often, especially when I’m in chill mode and don’t feel like layering up for a quick walk with the dog. It’s also nice to wear in the car when I forget to warm it up on those cold winter days and nights. Some jackets are just too bulky to comfortably wear in the car, especially when driving, but this one is perfect. I’ve literally never had any problem wearing it in the car, which is something I can’t say for all the jackets I’ve worn.

If you want to pick this one up for yourself, I suggest you buy it from a reputable online store like this shop here. They’ve got great deals and awesome customer service, which is basically the best of both worlds. Enjoy!