Kingston Thermoball Shacket Review

Have you ever wanted to be comfortable and warm, but look like you were wearing a long-sleeve button up? Well, North Face has got you covered with their Kingston Thermoball “Shacket,” which is basically all that and then some.

While I could say a lot about this shirt-jacket, what I really want to say is that it, like the rest of North Face’s Thermoball jackets, is insanely comfortable. It’s warm enough to wear on some of the coldest days here in the mountains of New England, but somehow manages to simultaneously be one of the most comfortable tops I’ve ever thrown on. When it’s raining hard, it’s not something I’ll wear, but when it’s lightly snowing, it’s pretty much perfect.

Price wise, it’s not the least expensive, but I’d say you’re definitely getting your money’s worth because you’ll be hard pressed to find anything as warm and comfortable for the price – unless you consider some of the other Thermoball options.

If you’re looking for a layer, you can definitely wear this underneath a snowboarding jacket or similar outer layer because it does an excellent job of condensing when it has to. On that note, storage wise, they’re amazing. If you need to stuff it into a bag like a backpack, you won’t have any problems because this thing really gets small fast. It’ll amaze you just how compact it is. I couldn’t even dream of fitting some of my heavier coats in the same amount of space, or even getting them into one of my backpacks for that matter. But when it comes to the Thermoballs, they really fold up small – allowing you to easily stuff them into your bag. Oh, and did I mention that it’s insulated with down? That’s why it not only compresses so easily, but also why it’s so light and warm.

Want to buy one? I suggest you pick one up from this online store. They have great deals on all kinds of stuff, jackets included. So there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find yourself a bargain if you buy it now.