North Face Half Dome Hoodie Review

Want a simple North Face hoodie that zips all the way up? Well, that’s what this is. The Half Dome Full-Zip is your basic North Face sweatshirt, nothing particularly unique about it. Well, that’s not entirely true. One thing that is somewhat unique is the jersey style lining that gives it that sporty feel.

It’s fairly warm, but not something I’d walk around in the snow wearing unless I had some warm layers underneath. And even then, I probably wouldn’t do it for very long. But when it’s just a little chilly out, I’ll thrown on a thermal or some other type of base layer with this on top and walk around. But for me, it’s really something I tend to wear more casually or now and then, under a heavy jacket when I’m out in the cold.

I really see it as more of an autumn hoodie, something to keep me warm while I’m hiking or running in the crisp autumn air.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the massive logo splashed across the front so I went with the dark grey and black variant where the logo in black isn’t much of a contrast against the dark grey background. But that’s just my personal preference. It comes in a lot of different color patterns so finding a color or colors that suit your style should be a breeze. You can see the color and size options as well as the price at this store, which is also where you can buy it if you care to pick one up for yourself. Being fairly inexpensive, I’d say do it if you’re looking to pickup another lightweight hoodie that zips all the way up.

Another hoodie you might want to check out, one of my favorites, is the Backyard hoodie, which is another lightweight sweatshirt made by North Face. Super soft. Super comfy. Check it out.