The Flip Billy is North Face’s way of combining a beanie with a baseball cap. It has a bill, but it’s also a beanie. I don’t know what it is about this style that I like so much but I can’t get enough of these. I’ve been wearing them for years, but as I tend to lose my beanies, it’s currently one of only two beanie hats that I currently have. The other one, which is made by Foursquare, is a little too small for me so I don’t wear it all that often and unfortunately, the same is true for this one. They’re both a little too small for me. Guess I have a big head.

As far as the color goes, I don’t have that many dark colored beanies so I went with the Urban Navy, but they all seem to look pretty cool to me. I particularly like the yellowish “Brown Field” color that it comes in and if I had to go back, I might get that one instead – tough choice if you ask me.

Price wise, this is pretty reasonably priced. Not more than I’d expect, pretty much exactly what I’d expect. Definitely not a bad buy for the money. But beyond the brim, there’s nothing particularly enticing about this so if you want to know if you should get it – that’s really all there is to it: a beanie with brim/bill that, to me, looks really cool.

It’s machine washable, 100% acrylic, and the visor is constructed from EVA foam. Simple as that.

Along with the North Face Antlers beanie, it’s one of my favorite North Face beanies at the moment, but we’ll see whether that statement holds up next season when my tastes shift with the weather. For now, I really dig the style, but I can’t help but wish it was a bit bigger so it’d fit better. If you think it’ll fit you better than it does me and are interested in buying one, you can get your own from this store.