Etip Gloves Review

Gloves that work with your phone, tablet, or whatever touchscreen electronic device you have – what a marvelous invention for those of us that live in colder climates. That’s what North Face’s Etip gloves are all about. They’re simple gloves that do something amazing: they let you use a touchscreen without taking them off. And not only that, as if it wasn’t obvious, they keep your hands warm. Amazing. Simple, but amazing.

I’ve tried some different ones out and these are one of my favorites. They’re not the warmest, but they’re warm enough for most days. They’re also highly portable, condensing into a small amount of space if you care to toss them in your pocket. A definite plus because you will find times when your hands are warm enough that you don’t care to wear them, but want to keep them close by.

The grip on them is nice, probably better than you’d expect. I definitely wouldn’t wear any old pair of gloves while driving, if that was a thing I did (wear gloves while driving), but if I did, I wouldn’t mind wearing these because they offer what is probably just enough traction for me to feel comfortable in knowing that the steering wheel probably won’t slip out of my hands.

For convenience sake, because who wants to lose a glove, they clip together near the wrist. Clipping them together helps ensure that if you do lose them, you lose them entirely instead of losing just one glove – I say this humorously but am somewhat serious. I’d probably rather lose the set than lose just one and be left with a lonely glove for which I have no corresponding glove to wear.

While it might sound like some crazy space age technology that doesn’t matter, these gloves incorporate North Face’s radiametric articulation, which keeps your hands in their natural position. If you ask me, it’s part of the reason why I like them so much – they’re comfortable.

So what are they good for? Quite a bit. I wear them casually when it’s a little chilly out, but I also wear them while I play outdoors. Be it a hike, a run, or what have you, there’s a good chance I’ll wear them as they offer protection coupled with warmth and that to me is a good combo.

How well do they hold up? Well, I’ve seen better. They’re not the toughest work gloves I’ve ever come across, but then again, that’s not what I wear them for. If I were working outdoors, I’d probably go with something tougher, but for what I do, they work just fine.

Summarizing a bit here, they offer some solid grip, they look great, they’re reasonably durable, allow you to use your phone’s touchscreen, and they’re windproof, but they’re not waterproof and they’re not the warmest so if you’re looking to wear them while you ski or snowboard, I would tell you to reconsider. If you’re looking for a casual pair of gloves to wear while you’re out and about, this is them. If you want to buy them, I suggest you buy them from this store.

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