Best Winter Beanie?

I must say, one of my favorite parts about living in a four season region is the opportunity to wear winter clothing and beanies are certainly no exception. I love a good beanie, as it keeps my head warm and if done right, looks cool as well. I hate to be so vain, but let’s face it, I want to look cool when I’m out and about – be it on the slopes on my snowboard, in the woods with my dog, or just at the grocery store picking up some food. Thankfully, North Face has come in clutch with one my favorite beanies (style-wise) to date, the Antlers beanie.

I’m a bit on the silly side in life so for me, this is one particularly awesome beanie. It has the little poofy ball at the top, which I love, but it’s also got that somewhat shaggy look so the ball isn’t sitting right on top of my head, but rather drifting off towards the back.

The color combinations it comes in are solid, my personal favorite the grey and orange combo that North Face calls “moon mist grey.” If I had to choose a second, I’d probably go with the “graphite grey,” but for me, one is enough as I have plenty of other beanies to choose from if I need some variation in color to match my attire. But with all the beanies in my closet, this is one of my favorites as far as appearances are concerned. Why? Because it looks sweet. I’m a big fan of the funky fresh snow gear, which is in part probably why I dig the orange, but I also like to keep it within reason and thankfully, this little head warmer doesn’t take it too far into the realm of ridiculousness, at least not in my opinion. It’s just right. And I’m definitely not the only one who thinks so, as I’ve received more than a compliment or two while wearing it. Not as many compliments as my champion-sired pup, but who can compete with such an adorable miniature wolf (he’s not really a wolf, but close enough).

If you’re wondering what sizes it comes in, well, there’s just one. Apparently, North Face went with the idea of “one size fits all.” My only problem here is that the one size they decided upon is a little too small for my liking. That is my one complaint: it doesn’t quite fit right on me, apparently my head is a little too big for it.

Now if you’re thinking it’ll probably fit you better than it fits me, you’re probably wondering just how comfortable it is. Well, if it fits you, I’d imagine you’ll find it incredibly comfy as it has a fleece lining that wraps around the ears, which means super softness right up against your head.

If you’re looking to buy one, I suggest you pick one up from this store because they’re generally offering some pretty crazy deals and their customer service is always on point.