The Best Fishing Hat

While this hat is obviously geared towards fishers, I’m not even that into fishing and I like it. Why? Well, because I too need protection from the sun, rain, and worst of all, bugs. If you add a bug net to it, it’s absolutely amazing when the buggy season rolls around. No mosquitoes or black flies biting you, just the good ol’ outdoors and all that it entails (minus the bugs). For the most part though, you don’t even need to add a net because it covers everything but your eyes. But if you live where I live and black flies are a problem, there’s a chance you’ll want to add the net to the picture to protect your eyes as well – black flies have been known to dive bomb an eye or two so just a warning.

As for what I use it for, well, I like to kayak and this comes in clutch when I’m out on the water and the bugs are swarming. As I’m not much for ocean kayaking, it comes in handy on the still bodies of water that I tend to cruise across. But it doesn’t matter if you’re into kayaking, boating, fishing, camping, or even gardening – this hat has got you covered. And I mean it, it really has you covered from the neck to the tip of your head, just leaving your eyes exposed.

When it comes to hiking, it’s great there too. Especially because it folds up and doesn’t take up much space in your bag, leaving you with plenty of room for more important things like food and dare I say, beer.

But seriously, if you’re looking for a good hat to wear while you’re outdoors, you’re looking at it. It’s cheap, does the job, and it’s reasonably comfortable. What more could you ask? If you want to buy it, I suggest you buy it online from this store. They’ve got great deals and excellent customer service.