Camping cots are not all made equal and the Trailhead II by Coleman is proof. It doesn’t cost much, but yet it’s capable of supporting up to 300 pounds with its sturdy little steel frame. But that’s not the best part – no, the best part is its extra wide design that makes it comfortable for larger people like myself. It’s also just long enough to let me lay down without having to scrunch into a ball. As I’m approximately 6 feet tall, I have a couple inches of wiggle room, but if you’re taller than 6’2″, this probably isn’t the cot for you. Then again, you might have some trouble finding a cot if you’re much taller than that, given that these things are generally made for ‘most’ people – accommodating the averages.

As this is pretty obviously a camping oriented cot, it may come as little surprise to find that it easily folds up to save space. If you know a thing or two about camping, you’ll likely recognize that having compact camping gear is critical, as it allows you to bring not only what you need, but what you want. Seeing as a cot isn’t absolutely necessary in many situations, it’s really a bonus and knowing that this one doesn’t take up all that much space and can easily slide into the back of your car is definitely a plus. It even has a bag that it slides into when it’s time to store it.

Now if you’re looking for a simple, foldable cot to take with you on your next camping adventure, the Trailhead 2 is not a bad choice. It’s cheap, reliable, and strong. But you’re probably wondering how comfortable it is and that’s a concern worth addressing.

Comfort is key when camping. It’s how you turn an alright adventure into an awesome one. Having a comfortable sleeping situation plays into that heavily and that’s why I like this cot. It elevates me off the ground, which gets me away from whatever might be crawling or slithering on the ground. And it provides a little added support in addition to a flat surface.

Given that it only weighs 0.04 pounds, it’s relatively easy to carry so it doesn’t feel like a hassle when I bring it camping. And with all things considered, I definitely like it.

If you’re wondering where you can find one for a good price, I suggest you check out this store. They have good deals, quick delivery, and quality customer service.