Best Cot For Camping?

Coleman might make more than a few cots, but when it comes right down to it, none of them are as comfortable as the ComfortSmart cot. Which isn’t all that surprising given the thick foam mattress that it comes with and the spring coil suspension system used to support it.

Yes, you read right. ComfortSmarts come with a mattress that is supported by spring coils. Comfortable? Very.

If you’re looking to comfortably camp in style, you’ll want to pick one of these bad boys up. But if you’re taller than 69 inches, which is about 5’7″, then you’ll want to reconsider because that’s how long this cot is. If you’re above 6 feet tall, I suggest you take look at the World Outdoor Products cot because it’s actually long enough to support people up to 6’4″ tall. But ideally, you’d want to be a bit shorter so that your head and feet aren’t resting on the edges of the cot. But if you do fit onto this Coleman cot, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by how nice it is to lay on after a long day of hiking or what have you.

For me, it’s a real pleasure to have something this comfortable, but as it weighs 14 pounds, it’s not something I always bring when I head out into the woods. When I can bring it, I do. Why? Because why the hell wouldn’t I? It’s comfortable, easy to setup, doesn’t take up much space, and it makes me happy to know that I’m not sleeping on the ground with the rest of the critters.

If you want one for yourself, I suggest you buy it from this online store.