This 48 quart cooler chest by Coleman is designed to keep all of your beverages cold and then some. Not only can you stash you canned drinks inside — up to 63 cans at that, depending on how much ice you pack in it — you can also store your 2 liter bottles in the upright position (not that it’d be any problem to lay them on their side as well). So obviously it has a ton of storage space, which is great for a nice outing with family and friends.

The uses for it are seemingly endless as far as cold storage for your drinks and food are concerned. You could use it at the beach, camping, tailgating at a game, and wherever else you think it might come in clutch.

It has handles on both side which make it easier to carry. But even still, I tend to find it easier to carry with two people, one on each handle, especially when it’s packed full of ice and drinks.

The design is rustproof and incorporates a drainage spout, which really makes it easy to drain the water that pools at the bottom as the ice inside of it melts.

But what’s really important about this Coleman cooler is how long it keeps things cold. When filled with what I’d consider to be a normal amount of ice, it keeps its contents ice cold for about a day. Of course, you can add more ice to it and it should last longer, but that is from my own experience about how much time it’ll give you with one load of ice. Keep in mind, I’ve always used cubed ice, whereas a block of ice would last longer. So if you have blocks of ice to use, you can probably squeeze out some more time before you have to replace the ice.

As far as the construction goes, it’s really well made given how simple it really is. It doesn’t leak, it closes snug, it’s easy to open and close, the handles haven’t broken, and it does what it’s supposed to: keep things colds.

I find it handy and given its low cost, it’s easily worth the money. If you want your own, I suggest you buy it from this online store.