CamelBak Forge Mug Review

If you’re into any kind of strenuous outdoor activity, be it hiking, bicycling or what have you, you’ve probably heard of the CamelBak company and their backpacks designed to store and deliver water. But what you might not realize is that they also excel at creating convenient travel mugs like their vacuum-insulated Forge mug, which can keep its contents hot for over four hours straight.

In order to pull this off, the CamelBak Forge, which comes in different sizes (I prefer the 16 oz size), relies on its insulated leak-proof design that incorporates a self-sealing lever and lock-open button. The button, a particularly awesome feature, allows you to take a sip with the press of a button, which is much better than completely unsealing it each time you want take a sip of whatever you have in it.

It works well with hot cocoa, tea, coffee, and just about any other drink you might enjoy hot. For me, I like to fill it with some caffeine-free hot tea or hot apple cider with some cinnamon sticks stuffed inside. But whatever your fancy, it’ll definitely keep it hot and it’ll do so for at least four hours. To me, that’s not only impressive, it’s plenty of time for me to casually consume it.

But what really sets it apart from the others for me is the built-in ring that allows you to easily attach it to your pack, which is awesome when you’re hiking.

Then of course, there’s the absolutely essential aspect of it that one can appreciate: the fact that it keeps whatever you put in it hot while the outside stays cool to the touch.

As for cleaning, it’s actually really easy to clean, which is yet another bonus. All in all, I really like this mug. Between all of the features it offers, how well it ties into my hiking gear, and how long it keeps my drinks nice and hot, it’s probably not all that surprising that it has risen to the ranks of my favorite mugs. This is undoubtedly one of the best coffee mugs for traveling. I call it a coffee mug, but as I’m sure you understand, its really a whatever you want it to be mug.

If you want to buy this awesome travel mug by CamelBak, I suggest buying it from this store.