The Best Winter Socks

I just want to start this review of Burton’s Weekender socks off by saying that I’m a man and I’ve only worn the men’s version of these socks so if you’re a female and you’re reading this: I have no idea if your version of these cozy socks is the same. That said, let me tell you what I think about these socks.

They’re crazy comfortable. While they’re designed with snowboarders like myself in mind, I can’t help but note that I don’t wear them as often snowboarding as I do casually around the house. They’re like wearing slippers without the hassles of the slippers so in a way, they’re better. Not to say I’d walk around in the streets wearing them without shoes, but when it comes to the comfort of my own home, I love lounging around while wearing them. They’re soft, cushiony, and warm. What more could I ask for from a pair of really tall socks that go up to just about my knees. It feels nice to pull them up high and really enjoy all that they entail. It sounds strange, but I’m highly attached to these socks and when I see them in my drawer, I almost always get excited to put them on. That’s how happy they make me. And it’s not just the physical comfort they offer, it’s the mental comfort they offer as when I put them on, I know I’m in for a good time – be it a snowboarding session or a Netflix session with my dog, whatever the case, it’s going to be good.

But seeing as they’re snowboarding socks, I should probably touch on that note a bit. When it comes to boarding, I don’t wear them all that often and the reason is because mine tend to slowly slide down my legs during my session and eventually I find that they’ve slid down into my boots – actually becoming rather uncomfortable by the time I notice. But I don’t have the biggest legs in the world so perhaps yours will fit better and you’ll never have to experience this. In which case, I’d say they’re probably great for boarding: warm and comfy. They’re actually so warm that my feet tend to sweat in them, which is why I’ll typically change out of them before the day’s end and especially after a session on the slopes.

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