The Best Headphones For Running

I have gone through a lot of in-ear headphones over the years and these are, to date, my favorite. The SoundSport In-Ear Headphones by Bose are awesome for my active lifestyle. To say that they fit snug is an understatement. They fit so well that they never fall out. And for me, an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys snowboarding and trail running among other things, is crucial.

I had a nice pair of headphones a while back, I can’t even remember what they were at this point, but long story short, I was riding my mountain bike down a steep hill when the wind whipping across my face yanked them out of my ears. Next thing I knew, they were destroyed. They had gotten tied up in my rear wheel and were literally obliterated by the time I stopped to get them out, which was moments after they fell out of my ears. After that, I decided that I would only wear headphones that stayed put when I went out to bike, run, or board. That way, I’d never lose another pair to an avoidable accident that frankly, freaked me out a bit when it happened because they also managed to get tangled up in my rear brakes, which was a little unnerving when I went to stop.

Back to the SoundSports, what you have here is a pair of headphones that get the job done. They have some different molding to choose from so if you don’t find the right fit right off the bat, all you need to do is reach into the package and pull out some of the other options they come with and see how they fit. For me, two of them actually fit but one in particular fits really-really well (super snug) and so I tend to use those for the most part as I typically only wear these while I’m out doing something relatively intense. But that’s not to say that I don’t use them otherwise as I have found myself using them to talk on the phone on more than one occasion. That’s right, they work with your phone – or at least they should work with your phone. For me, they plug right into my Android without any issues and allow me to talk through their built-in microphone and listen through their earbuds. The mic works great, as I’ve tested it by calling another phone and listening to hear how I sound. I’ve also never heard any complaints from those I’ve talked to on the phone so it appears to work like a charm.

One of the cooler options it has is the ability to skip songs on the Spotify app. As I use Spotify for virtually all of my music streaming needs, it’s nice to be able to click the middle button twice and skip tracks or press it once to pause. My one qualm, and I’m serious about this being my sole issue with these, is that the volume buttons don’t work with my Samsung Galaxy so I have to actually pull it out to adjust the volume. I tested it with one of my other phones and it works fine, so I’m guessing it’s hit or miss depending on which phone you have. But for me, it’s really no big deal because at the end of the day, they provide everything else that I’m looking for in a pair of in-ear headphones: quality sound, a microphone, and the ability to pause and skip songs while I’m listening to music.

As for the sound quality, it’s not the best I’ve ever heard, but for in-ear headphones that stay in my ears regardless of what I’m doing, the sound quality is above expectation. If you want to buy a pair for yourself, I suggest you buy them from this store. They often have good deals and are one of the most reputable retailers on the internet.