Blundstone 500 Review

Blunnies man, you gotta have ’em. Their slip-on design makes them really easy to pull on and off, which is particularly nice after a long day as you can just slide right out of them and call it a day without hassling with with laces. But that’s definitely not the only reason why I like Blundstone boots, or rather, to be specific, the Blundstone 550 boots. The main reason why I like them is because they’re fairly comfortable.

I have to say fairly because I have wide toes and require a wide toe box when it comes to my footwear and unfortunately, the Blunnies aren’t necessarily made with my particular foot shape in mind. Fortunately though, they do something interesting with their sizing: they offer additional width in the half sizes. If you’re unfamiliar with the way they size their boots, you might find this particularly interesting: their half sizes don’t pertain to the length, just the width. So if you need a size 11, but you have a wide foot, you’ll want to get the 11-1/2. Crazy, right? But for me, it’s kind of amazing because they don’t fit half bad.

For people that don’t have a wide foot, I’d imagine these boots are virtual perfection. Anyone I know that wears them seems to love them and if they just had a wider toe box, I’d probably love them too. If you’re not like me (wide toes) and you’re looking for some super convenient leather boots that you can definitely walk through a muddy puddle or two with without so much as feeling a drop of water, the Blundstone 550s or what’s up. But one warning, don’t go walking down some slippery wet rocks in them because you just might take a spill – I know I did. Admittedly, I had had more than a few beers when it happened and it had been raining quite a bit, making the trail down the mountain significantly more slippery than usual, but it happened and I feel like it’s worth noting because that wasn’t any fun and I’d hate for it to happen to you or anyone else for that matter so be cautious if it’s slippery out and you’re wearing some 550s or you might take a nasty spill.

But freak accidents while intoxicated aside, these are some really solid Blunnies. Some use them as work boots, others as hiking boots, but for me, they’re just the boots I wear when I feel like wearing some boots – be it to go for a hike or walk around town when it’s wet out.

Adding to the conditions you can use them in, I’ll also wear them in the snow. They only go up to around the top of your ankles so if the snow is deep, I wouldn’t suggest trudging carelessly through it because a number of things can happen. For one, you can get snow in your boots, which is not as fun as it might sound. It is, for lack of a better word, cold. The other thing that can happen, or at least it’s happened to me a couple of times, is your boot can come right off. I’ve taken a step and sunk down deep into some soft snow only to pull my foot up and leave the boot behind – possibly the one situation in which the slip-on design has failed me. I otherwise love the slip-on design.

So all said and done, I like these boots. They’re solid. I rock the “Walnut” color, but there are some other cool looking styles to choose from. If you want a pair of these Aussie boots for yourself, you can buy them from this store.