Bear Butt Hammock Review

This isn’t one of those big brand name manufacturers making yet another hammock, this is a team of awesome people who have come together to make your life a little more comfortable and enjoyable with their double parachute camping hammock that not only comes with everything you need to string it up, but an innovative pocket to store your goodies close by while you relax.

Bear Butt’s hammock isn’t just inexpensive and comfy, it’s also extremely strong. Unlike the OuterEQ hammock I reviewed, it’s capable of holding up to 500 pounds. So if you’re a larger person and you want to get in there, it should support you comfortably. On the other hand, if you’re not all that big and you want to hop in there and snuggle it up with a “friend” – you’re welcome to that as well. In fact, while it claims to only support up to 500 pounds, Bear Butt has actually tested it and it can hold in excess of 900 pounds. But I wouldn’t push it to that extent, I’d keep it within reason and try not to exceed 500 pounds at a time.

So is it worth the money? Absolutely. It’s not all that expensive and it offers a lightweight, convenient, travel-ready solution to all your chilling between two trees needs. Not to say that you have to string it up between a couple of trees, but you get the point – this thing is awesome. If you want to buy one, I suggest you buy one from this online store.