After playing Battlefield 1 on the Xbox One during the open public beta, I wasn’t immediately impressed. Then I played it again after it came out and I was hooked in an instant. Keep in mind, I wasn’t much of a fan of its predecessor, Battlefield 4. But this one is awesome.

In BF4, it never seemed like the Xbox 360 could handle it all that well and just seemed to have too many glitches at the time. But then it hit the Xbox One and while it seemed to be better, I still wasn’t sold on the game and would opt to play one of the Call of Duty games instead when I felt like shooting some people in a FPS (first-person shooter) setting. So I wasn’t much of a fan and hardly played BF4. But when I caught wind of Battlefield 1 coming out, I was immediately curious – would it be everything I had hoped BF4 would be or it would it be another disappointment for me? When the beta came out and I hopped on, I wasn’t all that impressed and felt as if the game, when it eventually came out, wasn’t going to be all that good. Boy was I ever wrong. BF1 is insane. The graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth, and best of all: it offers the epic battles that I always wanted.

In BF1, you can now fight your way through large-scale battles consisting of up to 64 players battling it out on the same map. That’s massive. You’re talking some serious chaos. And now, when you go to hop in a tank, helicopter, or what have you, you tend to have others who want to join you, which is great because what could be better than jumping in a tank with your fellow soldiers and unleashing a barrage of firepower on your enemies?

If you ever wondered why the maps were so big in the Battlefield series, well, here’s your answer: 64 players battling it out on the same map. When you have that many people, you don’t find yourself trekking long distances through the map before you run into someone. Much so the opposite as you won’t have to go far before you run into someone, friend or foe, and that’s enough to keep you on your toes.

Another reason why I like this game is how difficult it can be to shoot people. If you just hold down the trigger and spray wildly, sure, you may get a kill or two, but if you burst fire and aim carefully, you’re much more apt to kill some folks. And that’s something that I can appreciate after playing a considerable amount of CoD. In a general sense, it’s just a lot more realistic. To offer an example of just how realistic it is, I found myself peeking over the top of a ridge with a sniper rifle, looking to pick off enemies. But when I placed the crosshairs on an enemy’s head and pulled the trigger, the shot fell short and that’s when I realized that I would have to account for the distance as gravity was gradually pulling my bullet down. Subsequently, I calibrated my shot by placing the crosshairs a bit higher and again pulled the trigger. Again I missed. While I eventually landed some shots before dying, this just goes to show how realistic it is. If you’re looking for a realistic FPS that you can engage in widescale mayhem in, this is the game. You can buy it online here.

My only realm qualm with the game at this time is that it has some bugs. For instance, if you quit a match at the wrong time, it tends to freeze. At times, when starting a new match, it’ll load either a black screen or a very strange looking “glitchy” screen that makes it impossible to play. Fortunately, any problems I’ve run into thus far have been somewhat rare and always resolvable. In order to “fix” the issues, I simply restart the game – has never failed me. If you get passed these minor issues that I imagine will be patched (fixed by the game’s developer) at some point, I highly suggest you check it out. You can click here to buy it today.