Best Wide Toe Box Trail Running Shoes

Do you have wide toes, like to run, but are having trouble finding a good pair of running shoes to accommodate the width of your feet? Then these shoes, the Lone Peak 2.5’s by Altra, might be just what you’re looking for.

I have, basically throughout my entire life, struggled to find shoes that fit well. My problem, simply put, is that my toes are wider than what is apparently the norm, which leaves me with limited options as far as footwear is concerned. Running shoes, like those made by Nike and Adidas, have never done it for me – the fit is just too tight. Subsequently, I’ve had to do some research to find shoes that fit. For running shoes, it’s really been a burden because most people seem to have narrow feet, which is what the major shoe companies seem to cater towards. However, there are some exceptions and Altra is one of them.

As far as the aesthetics go, I’m not particularly fond of the Lone Peak 2.5 design, however, as far as comfort and practicality are concerned, they’re great. Scratch that, they’re incredible. I absolutely love them. The toe box is, by my standard, very wide and subsequently very comfortable. With many shoes that don’t cater well to the width of my feet, I tend to buy them larger than I should so that my toes aren’t forced to squeeze into the increasingly narrow as it extends toe box region. But with the Lone Peaks, I just don’t have that problem and I can actually buy them in a size that fits me nice and snug.

Given that I don’t just run through the forests here in New England, I also walk, run, and jog down the paved roads, I wanted a pair of running shoes that could handle virtually any surface and these are definitely them.

If I had only one complaint about these shoes, it would be that they’re not waterproof. But that’s not really a complaint, as if they were, my feet would likely be blistering hot during those blazing mid-summer days. So while I can’t go stomping through puddles and running through rivers in these bad boys, I can run comfortably just about everywhere else and that for me, is more than enough.

In order to increase my own personal comfort when wearing them, I insert custom insoles that are designed to fit the unusually high arches of my feet. While I don’t always wear them, doing so makes them that much more comfortable to me.

If you too have wide toes and want to snag a pair of these awesome shoes for yourself, I suggest you head on over to this store and place your order. And remember not to be all that surprised when you realize how well they fit because I already told you: they’re awesome, possibly the best running shoes for people with wide toes.

Here’s some additional information on them. They accommodate toe splay with their “FootShape” toe box. They have a 0mm heel-to-toe differential which Altra refers to as “ZeroDrop.” When the shoes rest on flat ground without you wearing them, only the mid-part of their soles are touching the ground, leaving the heel and toe areas lifted off the ground. As you can imagine, this helps with your form when running. As far as weight is concerned, they are, as to be expected from running shoes, relatively lightweight.

For me, when I embark on my morning run through the forest with my trusty canine sidekick, I almost always strap these on and hit the trail. To date, these Altras have proven to be reliable outdoor footwear when put to the test against New England’s mountains.

Also, there’s one very important aspect of these shoes that I can’t help but make note of: the velcro area in the rear that catches your pants. Do you have pants that drag on the ground because they’re a bit too long? Well, I know I sure do and while I could tuck them into my socks or roll them up, I find myself often using the little velcro section near the heel to catch my pants for me and keep them from getting stepped on or dragged behind me as I run. This might not seem like much, but to me, it’s an ingenius invention that was a long time coming.

To buy these shoes, visit this online store.