The Best Camping Chair

Is it about time you updated your outdoor seating situation, particularly as it pertains to your camping, hunting, or hiking chair? If it is, you might want to take a look at one of my favorites: the Tri-Leg Stool by Alps Outdoorz.

Weighing in at only two pounds and quickly folding up into a compact size make it more than reasonable to bring along with you when you’re on an adventure. At times, a couple of extra pounds can really weigh you down on a long hike, but even then, having a nice little stool to plop your behind in can make a world of difference.

Another added feature that really comes in handy is the mesh pocket that hangs down from it, giving you a nearby storage compartment that can help you avoid losing your critical supplies from the pocket knife you were whittling with to the fork you just used to eat. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose some essential, would you?

The frame of the chair is made from steel, which is powdered coated for style and protection. When you’re ready to fold it up and put it away, it comes with a handy sack that you can stuff it into – making it that much easier to transport.

Now onto what you really care about: how comfortable it is. It’s not the most comfortable chair in the world but somehow, it still manages to be quite a bit better than laying on the ground, especially in conditions ranging from wet and muddy ground to rocky and uncomfortable.

The feet on the tripods that compose the frame are webbed, which adds extra traction – help keeping you seated in place. This might not seem like much, but what works in the flat world of suburbia doesn’t always hold up in the mountains. Fortunately, this little tripod style camping stool passed the test – it works and it works well.

If you want to buy the Alps Outdoorz Tri-Leg Stool, I suggest you buy it from this online shop.